Organic Seeds - General Information

Organic seeds are grown in controlled biological-ecological agriculture.

The cultivation takes place exclusively on untreated grounds. Organic seeds are grown ecologically, the use of chemical fertilizes - and pesticides for example, is not permitted, only natural methods of pest-control etc. are allowed.

The process of biological growth of seeds is legally binding and documented by the rule of the EC 2092/91.

All parties are checked in regular intervals by the EC and all involved businesses, from the organic farmer up to the processing and packaging plant. Controls are enforced in each business at least once annually.

Growth of organic vegetables, ecologically sound

The most important advantages of Organic seed are:
1. the cultivation takes place caring for the natural variety and the ecosystem.
2. organic growth means the consumer can be sure to get untreated, all-naturla seeds
3. cultivation takes place in the unison with nature and so a contribution is achieved to the environmental protection.

Organic seeds are not genetically modified.

  Grow and harvest organic vegetables in your own garden!